Pavel Filip: Romania still remains Moldova's most consistent supporter

2016-08-25 11:59

During the official visit of the Prime Minister of Romania Dacian Ciolos, in Moldova, Prime Minister Pavel Filip and his Romanian counterpart discussed today the main objectives of the bilateral agenda, but also the European road of the Republic of Moldova.


Pavel Filip thanked the Romanian partners for the support given to Moldova, stressing the significance of the visit of Prime Minister Ciolos in Chisinau: "The current visit takes place at a significant moment for both countries - Moldova will celebrate on 27 August the 25th anniversary of the proclamation of its independence and 25 years of bilateral relations", said the Moldovan Premier.


The head of the Moldovan government noted the important role of Romania in the European course of the Republic of Moldova. "Europe is a project of values, but also one of concrete achievements for countries and their citizens. Moldova has not only to be connected to the area of ​​European values ​​and principles, but also to European energy networks, to remove old and important vulnerabilities. Romania was and still remains the most consistent supporter of Moldova, contributing to our aspiration to transform us into a democratic European state," said Pavel Filip. In this context, the parties agreed to step up energy cooperation in the coming months, which is a common priority in a more and more complex region, including in terms of security.


Pavel Filip assured the Prime Minister Ciolos that Moldova remains firmly committed to European integration, which means consistent reforms implementation under the Association Agreement with the EU. Also, the Moldovan Prime Minister urged the Romanian businessmen to invest in Moldova.


The two prime ministers discussed the ways to ensure investments in various areas, about traffic flow in customs, and had an exchange of views on developments in regional security. "We share the vision of a region of peace and democracy, the truth defeats propaganda, and the force of international principles and law is more important than brute force," concluded Pavel Filip.


At his part, the Romanian PM Dacian Ciolos reiterated that Romania remains faithful to support the Republic of Moldova to ensure the prosperity of the citizens, to strengthen democracy and support the European course of our country. The head of the Romanian Cabinet stressed the importance of maintaining stability in the immediate future and to promote consistently the started reforms. "The Government will give full support to Moldova in very pragmatic way as we have done so far," said Dacian Ciolos, making reference to measures relating to conditions for the disbursement of the first tranche agreed under the bilateral Agreement of assistance in the amount of 150 million euros.


The Romanian Prime Minister appreciated the progress made by the Moldovan authorities in certain areas, a fact recognized by other foreign partners of Moldova. Dacian Ciolos confirmed that, apart from financial repayable assistance, Romania will continue to support our country through development projects, including the renovation program of kindergartens in Moldova, which provides for the allocation this year of 3 million euros to improve conditions in about 80 pre-school institutions. Romania also plans to donate additionally 100 buses for pupils in rural areas of Moldova and to intensify the cooperation of local authorities, for this purpose being provided grants of 2 million euros.


"We want to continue this support through grant assistance of about 7.5 million euros this year, plus the spring humanitarian aid that of about 4 million euros," the PM Ciolos said, stressing that the Romanian Government will stimulate the Romanian investments in Moldova.


The Prime Minister of Romania and of the Republic of Moldova expressed confidence in the ability of the upward development of bilateral relations for the benefit of citizens of both countries.